How to Create a Writing Routine (and stick with it)

The idea of writing every single day seems to be the recipe for most successful writers. After all, consistent practice is indispensable when it comes to improving writing skills. The key here is to create a ritual that allows you to stay motivated and to sustain your writing practice.

Hope and Resistance: A Door Between Us by Ehsaneh Sadr | Coming September 1, 2020

‘A Door Between Us’ is a poignant yet heartwarming reflection on the importance of breaking down barriers in an increasingly polarized, politicized world. It’s a contemporary novel that will remain relevant and inspiring for many decades to come.

So Long a Letter; So Long a History | Mariama Bâ, Muslimness, and Women’s Rights

Through Ramatoulaye’s reflections, Bâ highlights the institution of marriage as a structural symbol of the patriarchal system, in which asymmetrical gender relations are maintained and projected as part of the Islamic doctrine.